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D'avianna Round 1 by CharmArtist
D'avianna Round 1
Name: D'avianna (day-vee-anna)
Age: 15
Personality: D'avi has a cheerful personality! She's kind to everybody she meets and is a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty. She loves to do random acts of kindness to other people and hopes to inspire people to do the same.
Why they want to be in the Pageant: D'avi hasn't had much luck in contests. She wants to try and win the Pagent, but also wants to have fun above all else.
Name: Helen Eveline Ellsworth. Evie to friends and family.

Known Aliases: The Painter (Good Karma), The Body Marker (Bad Karma), The Shrouded (dubbed by civilians after seeing her disappear with her Pigment Gradient.)

Age: 23

Birthday: June 6, 1993

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Sub-race: Prime Conduit

Powers: Ink manipulation and absorption, accelerated healing, enhanced strength, durability, lengthened stamina, density and pressure manipulation, and solidification.

Appearance: Since she generally hated the outdoors and spent most of her time painting or tattooing, Helen has pale white skin year round. Yes, even in the summers. Her eyes are a piercing olive green, contridicing her long brown hair. She has various streaks of color in it, which she uses as a last resort of an ink source. She almost always has it pulled into a low ponytail. She's quite small for her age (about 5' even) with a lithe figure and a hint of muscle tone to her shoulders and biceps. She has about six tattoo's; three on her back, two on her arms, and one over her heart. The two on her arms are of cobra's coiling around her arms and onto her shoulders. The three on her back are a humming bird between her shoulder blades, a thorny rose on her hip, and a black panther's paw on her lower back. The one over her heart is the name of her dead grandfather, "David."

Clothing: On particularly cold days, Helen likes to wear a gray t-shirt that says "Creativity is the Greatest Weapon" in rainbow lettering. She normally wears a pair of black jeans that are torn up near the bottom with a studded leather belt. She likes to wear a light gray hoodie with a jean vest over that. On the back of the vest is a cheetah and a black panther standing side by side. She wears a pair of black keds with white ink painted on the sides.

When she doesn't feel like wearing the outfit above, she normally wears a white tank-top with the same vest from above over it. Followed by a pair of gray capris and the same black keds. She normally wears a brown schoolboy hat to help keep stray hair's out of her face.

Colors are subject to change with karma.
Gray's turn different shades of Blue and white with Good Karma. The cheetah over powers the panther and stands tall and proud.
Gray's turn different shades of Red and Black with Bad Karma. The panther over powers the cheetah and is ready to pounce.

Accessories: Since she's an Ink Conduit, she almost always has a source of ink with her. An example would be her hair or her keds, but she also carries some paints when she wants to paint around the city. She has a studded lather gauntlet on her right arm, the name of her dead grandfather painted on the inside. She keeps her cellphone clipped to the gauntlet at all times, a paintbrush charm hanging off of it. It's a Droid DNA as seen in the pictures.

The background is subject to change with Karma.
Blue and White for Good Karma.
Red and Black for Bad Karma.

Personality: Summing up Helen to a simple element would be a "sarcastic, sassy bitch with an attitude problem." She's very good at lying to get what she wants, but can also be brutally honest when she feels the need to be. She's fearless in battle, but also doesn't know when to back off. She will keep fighting until somebody either knocks her out or pulls her away from the fight forcefully.

Home Town: Lafayette, Indiana but moved to Seattle, WA

Occupation: Before getting her powers, Helen worked as a tattoo artist and a street artist. After getting her powers, her employers fired her out of fear. She grew angry and yelled a bit, but gathered her things and went back to her rooftop in town.

Skills: Helen is trained in subbmission holds from various fighting styles around the globe. She was really into the show "Avatar: The Last Airbender" as a teen, and mimics the skills of the waterbenders which she later learned was Tai Chi. So, she spent some time self-teaching herself in secret. She's a rather poor climber, so she slides up the walls by turning into ink and rematerlizing herself when she gets to her desired destination.

Weapon: Normally she just uses solid forms of ink but her main weapon of choice is a bow she clips to her back. She makes the arrows out of ink.

Family and Friends

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Grandfather: David Orin Crary. He died about a year after Helen discovered her powers. He supported her and let her practice her powers freely. Both of her parents couldn't take care of her, so he raised her.

Katrina: Katrina is Helen’s closest friend and is practically family to her. They didn’t grow up together, but they’ve spent about 7 years together and growing. An accurate representation with their friendship would be Cole and Zeke before the Empire City Quarantine. As thick as thieves.


Whiplash - This is her basic firing attack. She is able to shoot small orbs of ink like bullets from her fingertips. She likes to use this for precision shots as well as a basic combat skill. (Also works as a projectile.)

Vanity Coil - She uses the Cobra's on her arms to ensnare and trap foes while she puts the person in a choke hold. She can hold it until she kills them or until they pass out. (affects karma by one point.)

Irezumi - She uses her bow like a bat or cane, hitting foes with it before using blasts of ink to blind or stun them. (her basic melee attacks.)

Clean the Needle - Helen creates fine point arrows to fire from her bow. A basic sniper ability that can be adjusted with either explosing arrows or trapping a foe on contact.

Pigment Gradient - This power has two to three uses, if used properly. The first use is allowing her to scale up the sides of buildings that she cannot climb easily. She transforms into a shifting mass of ink and darts from one place to the next before rematerializing. The second use is a simple glide ability, where she gets creative and makes two large wings on her back to decend her fall gracefully. The third and tricky use is transitioning from one type of ink to the next in a fluid motion. An example for be going from normal ink to a red, exploding ink of her own creation.

Into the Void - This is an enhanced version of Pigment Gradient, allowing her to teleport from one place to the next much faster than normal. She also can transform into the hummingbird tattoo to do this as well.

Perfected Penmanship - This allows Helen to mimick any image, writing style, or signature and recreate it perfectly. A trick she uses often.

Yazuka - Helen’s Karma Bomb. This is her last resort. She rockets herself into the air before using ink to propell herself downwards. She slams her fist into the ground, sending ink spikes through the surface to knock back or kill foes. (Depends on karma.)

Subdue - She wraps her foes in binding ink and knocks them out cold. (earns one good karma point.)

Kill - She uses the cobra's to hold her foes down before using the thorny rose to choke them out or puncture their jugular. (earns one bad karma point. )

Background: As stated before, Helen’s parents gave her up because neither one could care for her. So, her grandfather took her in and raised her. She never liked the outdoors, so she stayed inside all the time. Her grandfather even homeschooled her. She took up a hobby in art and it branched into a passion. She was facinated with different ways of art and soon started sneaking out at night to go watch street artists. After years of watching she gathered her nerves and painted a mural in honor of her grandfather near the court house. That’s what started her hobby of street art and painting. Her grandfather supported her passion for art, but often warned her to choose better places to place her art so she didn’t get in trouble.

She soon took online courses and interned at a local tattoo body shop to get her career in tattooing. She was going to get her first tattoo when Cole MacGrath destroyed the Beast, costing his life and many others around the world. Helen dropped in the middle of the street, and a passerby called her an ambulance. She clung to life by a thread, one of the few who ended up surviving the mysterious global death toll. She was confined to the hospital for a few weeks, with her grandfather and the passerby who saved her visiting. The passerby was named Katrina, and the two became fast friends over this odd turn of events. As soon as she was out of the hospital, Katrina surprised her by getting her not only her first tattoo, but the three that are on her back. The humming bird was to represent her freedom to live, the panther’s paw to show her fierce attitude, and the thorny rose to show her ability to lie and deceive.

Soon after this Katrina took her parkour training, much to the pale girl’s dismay. That meant going outside and she voiced it many times that she hated the outdoors. Katrina would simply laugh and wave her off before dragging her to climb more buildings. They ended up settling for doing the training at night, which made Helen happy and allowed Katrina to take off her shades. The two were like siblings and clung to each other like glue. Katrina helped her get a job at the tattoo body-shop when she turned 20 years old, much to Helen’s delight. While closing the shop, Helen was cleaning up her workstation when she felt her hands get tingly and her tattoo’s ache. She simply rolled her shoulders and carried on cleaning, not noticing that everytime she moved ink bottles the tingling got worse.

With her 22nd birthday rounding the corner, Helen spent more time workign to save up so that she and her grandpa could move to Seattle. Katrina didn’t want her to go, but she understood why she wanted too and supported her with a few bucks here and there. As she was heading out the back of the shop to throw old needles away, a mugger slammed her against a wall and started demanding for her wallet. She felt her hands go numb this time and her tattoo’s burned on her skin. The next thing she knows is that she’s on the ground and the mugger is laying beside her with a cobra coiled around his neck. She was too weak to move, but horror overtook her as the cobra coiled back onto her arm as its original state. Soon after the pain vanished and she felt a new wave of power surge through her. She felt stronger and better, but sick to her stomach.

She was a freak of nature, or a Bio-Terrorist. One of her coworkers saw the snake coil back onto her arm and hurried to call the DUP. In a desperate attempt, she ran home. She locked the doors and hid in her room for days. Her grandpa sat outside her door with Katrina, both supporting her and talking to her. When she finally came out, Katrina said that she’d move with her to Seattle to start a new life. Her grandpa also gave her the bow she carries on her back to this day. He took her out to the woods at night and set up targets for her to practice her skills at. Katrina helped too by helping create different types of inks for Helen to experiment with. Helen now has three types of ink she can use because of her. Plain, colorful ink, bright red explosion ink, and navy blue melting ink.

Her grandpa died of a heart attack when she turned 23, much to her dismay. Katrina comforted her and after all the funeral arrangements were taken care of, the two set out for their new lives in Seattle. ...Until the DUP showed up three months later.

Helen knew one thing for sure: they weren’t taking her down without a fight.

Alignment: Neutral until Karma choices kick in. (Leans more towards Good Karma.)

Headcanon Voice Actress: Caterina Scorsone

Most Memorable Quote: “You know what? Next time I’ll just let you-! ...You know no, I’m going to save you next time. And the time after that. Because that’s what I do. That’s what good fucking people do!”

Theme Song: Remember the Name - Fort Minor
End Theme (Good): I Burn - Casey Lee Williams
End Theme (Bad): Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
Helen Ellsworth: I:SS OC - The Shrouded
Posting this shit back up because that sadistic fuck saved it anyways.

Helen belongs to ME.


God I hope you burn in hell.
I regret to say that I have pulled Helen's profile from this website. It will not be posted again.
RP journal.
Comment with an idea and lets roll from there.
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Quit tagging me!!! >n<

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RP journal.
Comment with an idea and lets roll from there.
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