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Well, it's that time to update you guys I guess. Not like anybody will read this shit anyways beside maybe one or two people I know. I'm not that active nowadays art wise due to lack of scanner, camera, and/or tablet. I've been doing some writing, mainly fanfiction for a friend and some song writing, and so far it's going well. I spend a majority of my time on my tumblr, which you can find here.

My summer, for the most part, has been pretty good. At the start, it was mainly catch up on sleep, TV shows, games, and housework. Turned 17 this year, which was fun except for the fact my aunt was a class A cunt, but we'll get more into that later. I'm single, told a few people I was bisexual who apparently didn't get the memo yet, and I may, hopefully, be getting a job by the end of this year.

It's been 4 years and counting since my Aunt Kate moved into my house... and she still hasn't moved out. Not even looking for a place. There's a running joke slash bet going on in my house on who will move out first, my sister and I or her and her kids. Apparently a lot of people say it's going to be me and my sister. Which, hopefully, may be the case. There's a few places in Crawfordsville, IN that I'm planning to check out in a few years. Hopefully by then I'll have some money saved up and will be attending a community college for a degree in Art and Writing/English. Then after a few years of saving up money and stuff, I'll be hightailing it to Orlando, Florida as my sister takes off to Houston, Texas to attend the DAVE School and the University of Houston, respectively. But that's not gonna be for a few long years in the terrifying concept called the future.

Back to the topic of my aunt, like I said, has been a class A cunt. We recently hit a rough patch with money and had to kinda scrape for food and bills. She hid food in her car and in her room while the rest of us were scraping up change to buy a loaf of bread. Her concept of saving money is, honestly, non-existent and she's racked up in credit card debt. I understand that it's hard to crack the whip on yourself and build better habits, but I've seen her go from bad to worse in this span of four years. While I do love her, I have no respect for her at this point. With the way she's treated my parents, my friends, her kids, and myself, that isn't something I'm letting go of and I'm not going to forgive her for what she's done in the past. I could spend a whole journal ranting about her, and I might in the future, but I'll stop here before I get too carried away.

Moving on from that, I guess. Let's see, I rambled about my summer, my plans for the future, my aunt... what else... Oh yeah. I'm helping take care of three kittens. For one I stayed up until 7:45 in the morning because he was sick and I had to give him CPR with my mom for 2 hours to help him breathe. Their names are Dirk, Jake, and John. Jake was the one I took care of while he was sick.

...Well since I can't think of anything else to ramble about, we'll move on to me getting tagged! Yay, that should be fun.

RULES: (I'll be adding my own comments to the side of the rules. Feel free to delete or leave them later, I guess. )
  1. You must post these rules. ( You can't tell me how to live my life! )
  2. Each person has to share 10 things about them. ( Oh what, not cool. )
  3. Answer the 10 questions you were asked and create 10 new questions for the people you tag. ( Auuuugh, more work. Should be fun though. )
  4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. ( Don't tell me how to live my life!! )
  5. Go to their page to inform them they have been tagged. ( Why don't they just check their mentions like everybody else? )
  6. You can't say something like "you're tagged if you read that." ( Oh what, that's no fun. )
  7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people ( But that's too much woooooork! I don't know ten people! )
  8. No tag-backs ( Oh that's bullshit. )
  9. You can't say you don't do tags. ( MORE B U L L S H I T )
  10. IT HAS TO BE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NOT A COMMENT. ( BULL- Oh wait this is a journal entry. Never mind. )

I was tagged by :iconmicih123: and their questions are:

  1. Chilotaur (centipede taur) or mantoid (mantis taur) which would you be and why?
  2. If you survived being swallowed alive (by whatever) how would you escape?
  3. What would be your weapon of chose?
  4. If someone paid you a million bucks to cross-dress like a...magical girl even if you were male, for 24 hours, would you do it?
  5. If you could have alcohol what would be your favorite?
  6. What's your favorite past time?
  7. What was the most painful experience you ever had physically? 
  8. What would be your reaction if you jumped out of a plane that flew over 14,000 feet?
  9. Pirates or Ninja's?
  10. How would you react if your gender was suddenly switched?

My answers:

  1. Oh I would totally be a Chilotaur. Because honestly, I just want to freak people out.
  2. Well, I always carry a hunting knife my ex-boyfriend gave me on my person. So I'd most likely cut my way out of whatever I was in the stomach of.
  3. Definitely the family heirloom from my dad's side. A single-shot 50. cal choke barrel shotgun. It's gorgeous and I love it. Great for shooting birds.. and people.
  4. Fuck yeah I would. I'm a girl but I would dress in a thong and nipple stickers for 24 hours for a million bucks man. Go hard or go home.
  5. I LOVE Schnapps. I prefer strawberry or butter scotch.
  6. Drawing or writing of any kind, be it role-playing or just writing.
  7. Definitely when I split my top lip in half when I was three.
  8. Scream: "LEEROOOOOOOOY JEEEEENKINS!!!" Then pull the wire of the parachute. Because if you jump without one, you're an idiot.
  9. Neither. We all know that Wizards are the shit.
  10. I wouldn't care. I honestly wouldn't. I'd be a little weirded out at first but I'd just carry on like it was normal.

Ten facts about me! (Which you forgot to do :iconmicih123: ! )

  1. I love chocolate. Like seriously, you give me chocolate and I'll cling to you like a fat kid on cake.
  2. I'm a Homestuck. Hands down.
  3. I like anime and manga. I hope to help produce one someday as a writer or artist, but who knows.
  4. I simply adore singing while doing my chores or when I'm alone. Be it in the shower or just home alone.
  5. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, and just relaxing.
  6. I take naps. I never outgrew naps and I always make time for a nap during school.
  7. I'm graduating mid-term this year. So by Christmas, I'll be done with school but I'll still be able to go to prom and walk with my class at the official graduation ceremony.
  8. I help clean and take apart guns with my uncle Stu when I can.
  9. I enjoy fishing by the pond and by the river.
  10. I like to shoot guns. First time I shot my dad's semi-auto shotgun and I hit 30 out of 31 clay pigeons, which are basically clay disks that are flung into the air to shoot.

Now for who I am tagging:

  1. :iconcethic:
  2. :icontheyaoilover24: (who probably won't see this for a while since she's on a road trip.)
  3.… ( Because your icon won't show up )
  4. :iconabbiegoth:
  5. homicidaldemongirl.deviantart.… (Same with you )
  6. :iconmegzwills:
  7. :icond-scrolls:
  8. :icondemon-hell-girl:
  9. :iconhezuneutral: (forgivemesempaiaaa)
  10.… (and with you. also I see you watching me haaaa)

My questions:

  1. What's your favorite candy? If you don't like candy, what's your favorite color?
  2. Why do banks chain their pens to the counter yet leave their doors wide open?
  3. Do you like Epic Rap Battles of History? If so, what's your favorite battle?
  4. Have you eaten today? Gotten a drink maybe or stretched your back?
  5. Did you take any medicine you had to take today?
  6. What is one of the fandoms you're in? Examples: Homestuck, Sherlock BBC, Supernatural, Doctor Who, ect.
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Teen Titans?
  8. Favorite Homestuck troll? If you don't read homestuck, favorite game series?
  9. Favorite Anime or Manga?
  10. Why do you follow me? If you don't follow me, then well, what do you think of the previous questions?

That is all.

  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Artists VS TMNT Epic Rap Battles Season 3 Finale
  • Reading: FanFiction
  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: My Laptop
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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