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For a long as Elphaba could remember, her daughter was a crybaby. She would cry over everything. She would cry when she was happy. She would cry when she was sad. She even cried when she was confused.

Elfianne was, without a doubt, a crybaby.

The woman didn't know what to do about this. Since she and her daughter's tears both hurt them, you'd think that Elfianne wouldn't cry as much. Sadly, she cried even more because the tears hurt.

She would've asked around, but nobody was really interested in talking to her. But there was a few people.

One of those people was Maleficent, oddly enough. The Faerie Queen had a child of her own; a son named Malron. Elphaba turned to this woman for some form of help.

"She cries about everything. No matter what I try, she ends up in tears all over again." Elphaba explained. Maleficent set her son down in a moss bed, listening to the witch give her plights.

She was amused, really. There wasn't anything wrong with her child. She just happened to wear her heart right on her sleeve.

"Well, I've had my share of beasties." She said, referring to Aurora and, now, her own child. Malron cooed as if to add onto the point. "Why not bring her out to the Moors? I'm certain she'll have a wonderful time... and you'll be able to get some sleep."

Elphaba stopped mid-stride and looked at the winged woman. Surely there must've been some catch to this. Maleficent noticed the hesitation and chuckled.

"Relax. My evil days are behind me. I'm too worried about my beastie." She used her magic to pull a cloth over her child when he started to fuss.

"Are you sure? When I say she cries over everything..."

"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't."

"Well... if you insist."

And that was the beginning of a yearly tradition. Still, the very first one was something they all remembered very clearly.

When Elfianne was first brought to the Moors, the poor girl was ready to burst into tears. It was adorable... sort of. She was dressed in a simple blue dress with a blue sock cap resting on her head. Elphaba introduced her to "Aunt Maleficent," who just smiled and waved.

When told she was going to be staying here for a few days, she lost it. Elfianne immediately started crying. The steam rose from her cheeks as they already burned her pale green skin. She held onto her mother's leg, begging her not to go. Maleficent couldn't help but laugh as Elphaba had to use magic to pry her daughter off of her.

"Ellfie, sweetheart, Mommy has things she needs to do." Elphaba tried to explain, but that only put her child into more hysterics. She frowned and sighed, rubbing her forehead. "Ellfie..."

"Oh stop those tears, beastie." Maleficent walked over, smiling as she pulled the girl out of the air and into her arms. "Trust me, you're going to need them later in life."

To Elphaba's surprise, Elfianne's tears slowed for a moment. She had been trying for years to do that. Maleficent did what she couldn't in a few seconds, not even. The witch was speechless.

"Come now, look around." Maleficent guided Elfianne's eyes towards some of the phoenix's flying around the air. The girl hiccuped and looked on in awe, rubbing at her cheeks. She then noticed a boy flying with the birds.

She said no words to her aunt. She merely pointed at the sky and looked at her. Maleficent grinned and whistled, watching the birds all look at them. The boy turned around, flapping his wings to hover. He grinned and made his way down to them.

Maleficent then noticed they were roughly the same age. Huh, small world.

"Malron, this is your cousin, Elfianne." She said, holding the little girl up to him. Elfianne turned away a bit, a little unsure about this. Malron just giggled and held her hand. He grinned wide, just hovering there.

Elfianne slowly smiled and looked back to him. She jumped out of Maleficent's arm and onto Malron. The boy made a noise of surprise, but managed to keep them in the air.

As the two children laughed, Maleficent looked back to Elphaba.

"I told you, I've had my fair share of beasties." She chuckled. The witch threw her hands up in a clear sign of frustration. She said nothing and turned around. Without another word, she left to go get some much needed rest.

Elfianne had a wonderful experience in the Moors. Maleficent and Malron introduced her to many creatures and plants in the lands. The entire time she was there, she didn't shed a single tear.

She babbled on about her mother's stories of the Emerald City. Malron was entranced, listening intently as Maleficent tuned her out. She'd heard that story plenty of times already.

When Elphaba returned about a week later, Elfianne didn't want to leave. Maleficent snickered as the wicked witch was stuck back in square one. Elfianne was ready to cry again, but she stopped and snuffed them back.

She was still very much a crybaby.
Cry Baby Ellfie
Just a little drabble thing hinting at another Ever After OC of mine. C:

I am very tired.
Ellfie Expressions 1 by CharmArtist
Ellfie Expressions 1
Decided to work on Ellfie's expressions! Still trying to get it right, but eh. Nobody is a Da Vinci on their first go.

i'm really loving that starry eyed one though.
Elfianne West Bio Box by CharmArtist
Elfianne West Bio Box
Elfianne West
Daughter of Elphaba

Parent Story: Wicked and The Wizard of OZ
Roommate: ???
Secret Heart's Desire: "I would much rather be a musician than a witch."
My "Magic" Touch:  "Since I'm a witch, I have access to magic of all kinds. Thankfully my magic isn't limited, otherwise I wouldn't be able to stay clean. My specialty is fire magic, thanks to my mother."
Storybook Romantic Status: "Unfortunately, single. Nobody wants somebody who's wicked."
"Oh Curses!" Moment: "Whenever anybody mentions the word "Wicked" I lose it. My hands light on fire and I scream about how I'm not wicked. ...Not... my best moment...
Favorite Subject: "Muse-ic Class! It's so much fun!"
Least Favorite Subject: "Um, General Villainy. I'M NOT WICKED!"
Best Friends Forever After: "So far I only have one close friend, Oceana Foam. Nobody really cares to be friends with somebody like me."

:bulletblue: Additional Info and Facts! :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Ellfie is musically gifted, both in composing and singing music. She spends a lot of her time writing songs but is too shy to sing any of them.
:bulletgreen: Ellfie takes her studying very seriously. She makes sure to always be on top of her homework.
:bulletgreen: I have a headcanon singing voice for Ellfie! Melanie Martinez is a perfect fit! You can listen to her song "Cry Baby" which doubles as Ellfie's theme:…
:bulletgreen: Ellfie cannot touch water. True to the story, she will melt if water is thrown on her in a large amount. Her own tears burn her cheeks and sometimes will leave marks that last for weeks. Most of the time, water will just seriously burn her. To stay clean, the first spells she taught herself were self-cleaning spells. Yet oddly enough, she can still drink it just fine.
:bulletgreen: Ellfie wears her heart on her sleeve, which hurts her more than it does good.


DONE! *flings self into the sun*

God my hand hurts, but I finished this after like a friggin' week. BUT YES HERE TAKE MY BAB.

Ever After High ©Mattel
Elfianne West 
Oceana Foam
Box bio template ©:iconchunk07x:


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