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Gemsona - Larimar by CharmArtist
Gemsona - Larimar
So I hopped on the bandwagon and made a gemsona.

Larimar identifies with both the female and male binary. They don't care if you use she/her or he/him pronouns. You could even use they/them.

Larimar loves humans and learns as much as they can about how they act.

Larimar's favorite human food thus far is the cheeseburger with a small soda.

Their weapon is undecided yet.
Name: Mia "Red" Rosette

About Him/Her: Not much is to say about Red. She escaped the Homelands with her grandmother and her best friend during the Exodus. She resides in the Grandma's Cabin, a small diner in Fabletown. She and her friend Siren own it since her grandmother died, leaving her with the inheritance.

A.K.A: She goes by Red most of the time.

Species: Werewolf.

Age: Unknown, but looks to be in her early 20's.

DOB: Unknown.

Status: Very Much Alive.

Appearance: Red tends to wear a bunch of red hoods, habit from her red cloak. If she isn't wearing that, she's wearing a red scarf with a white blouse and black jeans. She tends top switch from black heels to gray tennis shoes from time to time. She has short brown hair that she keeps swept to the right, the left side all short and choppy. She wears a gold choker around her neck, almost like a collar. Her eyes are a bright blue, but they change colors if she loses her temper.
   •True Form: Red's true form is quite terrifying. If her anger is pushed enough, she crows claws and fangs, her eyes turning a light green. In mid transformation, her spine and ribs are jutted out as her entire body doubles in size. Brown fur covers her body, and her face looks more like a dogs. Her eyes go from blue to bright gold, reflecting the moon. She starts to lose all sense of control the more she transforms. She fully transforms into a massive wolf, which has an unquenchable thirst for blood and death. 

Personality: Red is very stubborn, naturally, but she tries to be polite to everybody she talks too. She has a short temper and tends to get easily offended. She appears to have little empathy for others unless she's really close to them. She used to be sweet in her young age, but the harsh conditions of the mundane world they live in now has hardened sweet little Red. She's known for a wicked sense of humor, and really bad puns.

   • Red works as head chef and waitress at her diner, Grandma's Cabin.
   • Red works part-time as a caterer for birthdays or charity events.

   • Grandma Red - Red's grandmother from the stories. Just like the story goes, she was gobbled by the Big Bad Wolf and cut free again. She and Red left the Homelands to escape the Exodus. She died of old age, raising Red to be strong and not let anybody fuck her over. She kept her away from Georgie and the awful jobs of the city by opening the Diner.
   • Siren - Red's best friend. The two met as they fled from the Homelands and decided to stick together. Red knows a lot about her past, but doesn't care. She believes that people can change, and so she and Siren have been inseparable ever since.

Ability: Red is a werewolf, so her prime abilities are super strength, super speed, and quick healing. She's also a Fable, so she's already hard to kill.
   •Pros: She's able to channel any part of her power while in her human guise. She's used to the rough fights of the streets, and has learned to control her abilities to a certain extent.
   •Cons: Red cannot control herself when she's a full wolf. She loses all sense of humanity and goes on a rampage if Siren isn't there to keep her tame. 

Weapon(s): For reason's unknown, Red carries a crossbow and a hatchet. The hatchet is probably an ode to the Woodsman, whom she hasn't seen in years. The crossbow is from her Grandmother.
   •Pros: The hatchet allows her to put more force into her swings. She could easily slice a man's arm off. The crossbow is perfect to long ranged shots, which she's perfected in secret.
   •Cons: If she uses too much force, the hatchet will break in her grasp. Same thing with the crossbow.

   • As one would figure out, she is Little Red Riding Hood. Only, she's not so little anymore. She recounts her events with the Big Bad well. She was just a small girl back in, about nine years old with no idea how dark the world could be.

Theme Song: Little Red Riding Hood - Amanda Seyfried

   • Not much to say more about Red than what was already said. She runs the diner, does what she can to survive and protect her friends. But when the murder of Faith happens, will she be ready for what's coming her way?

   • Red harbors no ill feelings towards Bigby Wolf. She couldn't care less if he's big and bad, she still see's a good man trying to do good in this horrible world.
   • Red's favorite dessert is a chocolate milkshake.
   • Red still has her old cloak, but chooses not to wear it.
Little Big Red - TWAU OC
Couldn't help it, I'm obsessed with the game. I've been playing it non stop.

Template used: The Wolf Among Us Character Sheet
Red belongs to ME.
The Wolf Among Us belongs to Telltale Games
Just a Start - Miyoko R2 by CharmArtist
Just a Start - Miyoko R2
I had to hurry this along, and it looks like Miyoko will be the only one I'll be able to get done in time.


Miyoko loves to take care of her weapons, and she is never seen without her blades. She's currently shining up her left hand blade, Wildfire. It appears that one of the other contestants seems to be surprised by the weaponry in a mere padgent... Just don't sneak up on her, Firae.

Miyoko belongs to me
Firae belongs to :iconjayyefire:
Create for Monty by CharmArtist
Create for Monty
In light of the death of Monty Oum, the members of Rooster Teeth asked fans to be creative for Monty. He wouldn't want us to be sad.

So, I whipped this up the best I could in the mess of emotions and events that is my life right now.
You can view the speedpaint here:…

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum
The artwork belongs to me.

Rest in Peace, Monty. You will be missed by all.


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RP journal.
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